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What Older Patients Need to Know about Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month, and Bedminster Eye and Laser Center wants older patients to know that regular eye care helps to maintain healthy vision and could possibly save their lives.

“Many people only go to the eye doctor when they experience a vision change or notice some other symptom. They don’t know they should have regular, comprehensive eye exams and vision testing to maintain healthy vision, monitor eye health and overall health,” noted Lawrence V. Najarian, MD, founder of Bedminster Eye and Laser Center.

Two out of three Americans falsely believe vision loss is inevitable as we age, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Aging can affect your eyes — but vision loss is not the norm.

Click here to learn common changes to vision and eye health that aging adults should watch for, and the best ways to protect eyesight as you age.

We Couldn’t Be Prouder!

At right, meet Isabella Caroline Avila, daughter of our very own Dr. Lisa Ortenzio, O.D.

Isabella, like her mother, is one smart cookie! She graduated with honors from Mother Seton Regional High School in Clark, N.J. She is a freshman attending The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa majoring in Public Relations & Advertising.

Isabella participated in Sorority Rush (largest in the country) in August and is a new member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority. Way to go, Isabella!

Book cover of "Budapest" by Victor Sebestyen. Purple book with shiny gold buildings.

What Are You Reading These Days?

We’ve noticed that many of our patients enjoy reading a good book. We’re collecting recommendations for a “good read,” and we will be sharing them every month in our newsletter.

At right is just one reading recommendation for September 2022

Click here to see all recommendations for September

Have a reading recommendation? Email it to our Newsletter Editor.

Come Meet this World-Class Racewalker and Raise Funds for Charity

A woman standing, smiling, in exercise clothes

Editor’s note: This October 22, Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) will sponsor a 5K Run/Walk for charity. Our own Dr. Lawrence V. Najarian is president of AAHPO, and he invites you to lace up your shoes and participate in the 5K Run/Walk. You will have a chance to meet world-champion racewalker Sherry Brosnahan (shown at left) who will walk with AAHPO members and supporters! 

It’s interesting to note that Sherry Brosnahan of Bridgewater, NJ considered three other sports before selecting racewalking as her athletic focus. Had she gone another way, this world record-holding racewalker might have been a winning competitor in golf, tennis, or equestrian sports!

“I chose racewalking because of its simplicity,” Sherry said. “All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, and you’re off!”

Of course, to be a champion like Sherry, you need a whole lot more than that, including commitment, focus, love of competition, hard work and years of training, Sherry said she did not start off with all that.

“I was always a walker. My mother would walk everywhere, she didn’t have a car at home. My mother, myself and three siblings – all five of us – would walk to the grocery store and walk back with the groceries. Of course, we walked to school and everywhere we needed to go,” Sherry remembers.

Sherry always had a competitive drive, and for a time as an adult she channeled that into obedience competition with her dog. In 1997, the dog developed cancer, and its competitive career ended.

“A friend of mine said, ‘What are you going to do with your competitiveness?’ and then posed the question: ‘In a perfect world, what sport would you pick?’ Sherry remembered. “I chose racewalking.”

Sherry got herself a book, The Rockport Book of Walking, and started to train. Her first racewalk was 5 miles – and she won her age group. As she finished, a man asked her, “Who is your coach?”

“Of course, I didn’t have a coach,” said Sherry. “That man was Olympian Dave Romansky, and he became my coach.”

At that time, Sherry was 46 years old. She set a goal to be, in four years time, the fastest 50 year old female racewalker. The very next year she went to racewalking Nationals and finished fourth. Two years after setting that ambitious goal, Sherry went to racewalking Worlds in England – and medaled! It turned out that Sherry was best at longer distances, and in fact, broke the world record for Women’s 50-Kilometer.

Now 70, and retired from competition, Sherry has a new goal: To be as active as long as she can. Stay tuned for a future article that shares Sherry’s tips on remaining healthy no matter what your age.

Please plan walk (or run) on October 22 at Overpeck Park, Ridgefield Park, NJ. This great family-oriented Run/Walk begins at 1 pm. Along with meeting world-class racewalker Sherry Brosnahan, you will help raise funds to support AAHPO’s Medical Mission to Armenia. You may register for the race/walk at https://www.raceforum.com/aahpo

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