The Connection Between Vision and Learning

Because so much of what is presented to children in schools is visual, vision and learning are closely related. There are many aspects to healthy and comfortable vision. Certain ones are particularly important when it comes to learning:

  • Visual acuity. Your child’s vision needs to be clear at different distances — close up for books and papers, at a mid-range for computer screens, and at distance for the teacher’s instructions on the smartboard or blackboard. Some children need glasses to help them see clearly if their focus is too close (nearsighted), too far (farsighted), or not at only one point (astigmatism).
  • Eye focusing. Your child’s eyes need to be able to change focus quickly from far (the front of the classroom) to near (a paper on the desk) and back.
  • Eye alignment and tracking. Your child’s eyes need to be coordinated and able to track together when moving from word to word in a book or on the board at school. A misalignment of the eyes (like eye crossing) can cause poor depth perception and blurred or double vision.
  • Color vision. “Color blindness” is more common in boys. Adjustments may be needed for lessons and tests that require good color discrimination, like in geography and chemistry.

If your child experiences problems with any of these aspects of vision they may show symptoms of eye strain, including headaches, fatigue and poor attention. Of course, poor attention could be a problem by itself, unrelated to vision.

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As Pickleball Increases in Popularity, So Do Eye Injuries

As pickleball continues to gain popularity across the country, the potential for players to get hurt participating in the sport is also on the rise.

Daily, more and more people are hitting the pickleball courts, with investment bank UBS estimating there has been a 150 percent increase in the number of people playing the game this year with 22.3 million people now on the courts, making it the fastest growing sport in America over the last two years, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA).

According to Pickleball Magazine, a pickleball can travel at one-third the velocity of a tennis ball, or about 40 mph. The magazine noted that when the players are positioned at the “no-volley line,” it can take 350 to 400 milliseconds – less than half a second – for the ball to travel from one paddle to the other. This does not leave players any time to avoid being hit in the eye with a ball. In addition to injuries from being hit by a ball, serious damage can occur from being hit in the eye with a paddle.

Players at higher risk include high myopes, those with previous surgery, cataract, and are more likely to sustain an eye injury with more severe consequences. The sport is gaining popularity among older Americans, who many not have the quickness or agility to avoid contact injury. USA Pickleball, the sport’s governing body in the United States, estimates that about 17% of pickleball players are 65 and older.

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Protect Your Eyes from Pickleball Injuries

The best way to protect your eyes from injury when playing pickleball is to wear protective eyewear. The Optical Shoppe can fit you with protective eyewear that incorporates your eyewear prescription.

There are two main types of protective eyewear that are designed for pickleball:

  1. Sport goggles (shown above right): These goggles are designed to fit snugly over your eyes and provide full protection around the eye socket. They are typically made of a hard plastic or polycarbonate lens that is shatterproof.
  2. Safety glasses: These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from flying objects, and they typically have a clear or tinted lens. They are not as snug-fitting as sport goggles, but they still provide a good level of protection.

No matter which type of protective eyewear you choose, make sure that it fits snugly and does not obstruct your vision. You should also make sure that the lenses are clean and free of scratches.

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