Lisa Ortenzio, OD

“I am writing just to let you know how amazing Dr. Ortenzio (shown in photo, right) is. Approximately one year ago, Dr. Ortenzio examined my eyes as a first-time patient and found what she thought might be a mass behind my right eye (Prior to this appointment, for eight years I had been to 5 other eye doctors who all diagnosed me with old age and sent me on my way. I am 59 years old right now). A succession of other appointments with other doctors followed and in December 2020 I had a meningioma (tumor) the size of a golf ball, removed from my brain. Thank God for Dr. Ortenzio and of course my neurosurgeon. Not only did Dr. Ortenzio alert me to the issue but remained in touch with me through a series of emails. She was always there to check up on me and or give me advice as to what direction to follow. I am so very grateful for her.”