Aqueous Humor

The clear liquid inside the front part of our eyes. It nourishes the eye and keeps it inflated. READ MORE HERE

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Blood pressure is measured by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the degree of resistance to blood flow in your blood vessels. Your blood pressure rises with more blood flow and higher blood flow resistance (caused by narrower blood vessels) because your heart has to work Read More…

Carotid Arteries

The main blood vessels in your neck that send blood to your eyes and brain. There are two carotid arteries in your neck: one on the right side and one on the left side. READ MORE HERE

Cerebrospinal Fluid

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) The clear liquid that bathes and protects the brain and spinal cord.


Choroid The part of your eye between the sclera and the retina. The choroid is part of the uvea, and it contains blood vessels and connective tissue. READ MORE HERE

Ciliary Body

A part of the uvea. The ciliary body produces aqueous humor. READ MORE HERE


Cones Cones are a type of photoreceptor cell in the retina. They give us our color vision. Cones are concentrated in the center of our retina in an area called the macula and help us see fine details. Eye problems that can affect cones include: Color blindness Photokeratitis Retinitis pigmentosa Usher syndrome READ MORE HERE


Conjunctiva The clear tissue covering the white part of your eye and the inside of your eyelids.


Cornea The clear, dome-shaped window of the front of your eye. It focuses light into your eye. READ MORE HERE

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet Wrinkles at the corners of your eyelids caused by facial muscles that move when you smile and squint. READ MORE HERE

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