What Is Low Vision?

Low vision is when you have lost a certain amount of eyesight. With low vision it is hard or impossible to do many of your normal tasks.

Sometimes low vision can be improved with medication, surgery, eyeglasses or other options. If your low vision cannot be improved, there are ways to adapt. You can learn new ways to make the most of the vision you do have.

The experience of vision loss

It is always a shock to learn that your vision loss cannot be regained. It is important to recognize the anger and frustration you may feel. Get help working through these feelings. Apply the strategies of vision rehabilitation to stay active, which includes using low vision aids and low vision rehabilitation.

If you have low vision, taking care of yourself and staying active will help you avoid depression. Depression can appear as fatigue or lack of interest. If you are depressed, seek treatment and counseling. A low vision support group can help you recognize that your value to yourself and others does not depend on your vision. You are worth the effort it takes to make the most of the vision you have.